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TOP 10 Gourmet Dishes

Are you a fan of gourmet foods? Well, today I’m going to introduce you to some of the most highly rated gourmet dishes you can find anywhere.

Usually, I begin with a longer introduction, but today I’m not going to keep you waiting because the dishes on this list are so amazing that they don’t need much of an introduction. Let’s get to the countdown by starting with this world famous dish!

1. Cheddar-Stuffed Burgers with pickled slaw and fried shallots

This dish is served up by renowned chef Kyle Bailey who currently holds the rank of Corporate Chef at Long Shot Hospitality. The burger is one of the juiciest you can ever sink your teeth into due to Kyle’s custom blend of ground rib eye steak and pork fatback. The savory concoction is served on crisped herb-butter rolls. 


2. Three-chile Beef Chilli

Who doesn’t love a nice warm bowl of chili on a cold day? Well,  this three-chile beef chili is guaranteed to heat you up! This chili served up by chef and restauranteur Tony Maws is made with a blend of coffee, dark beer, smoked bacon and three kinds of chile! This dish has a lot of depth and a whole lot of heat to ignite your taste buds!


3. Orecchiette Bolognese with Chestnuts

Are you a pasta lover? Well, you definitely need to try this! This dish made by Chef Daniel Boulud is a combination of orecchiette pasta and a special blend of Bolognese sauce that’s prepared with venison, chicken liver, pork butt, and veal stock. To top it off he adds a hint of fresh chestnuts, butternut squash, and porcini mushrooms. My Heavens this is good eating.


4. Smoked Chile and Mango Guacamole

Chef Steve Menter serves a lot of delicious dishes at New York City cocktail bar Pulqueria, and this is one of his best! A mixture of guacamole and chunks of mango this dish is one of the most popular at the cocktail bar in late spring.


5. Celery Root and Mushroom Lasagna

When we are talking on the subject of cheap gourmet foods, this is one of the most savory you will ever taste. Which is why chef Fabio Trabocchi only serves it on special occasions like Christmas. For this dish the chef layers flat noodles with whole basil leaves, creamy sauce, fresh mozzarella, and root vegetable ragu.


6. Bittersweet Chocolate Cremeux

I introduce a dessert you’ll never forget. This creamy pudding made by chef Belinda Leong goes great with cookies, fruit, or ice cream. Or just dab it with a taste of whipped cream and dig in. It’s absolutely delicious.


7. Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

In China, shiitake mushrooms are considered a symbol of longevity. Research is beginning to back up that acknowledgment as the mushroom has shown to be rich in antioxidants. Chef Nicole Birdsall adds a healthy amount of this deep tasting mushroom to her savory Asian Chicken Noodle Soup.


8. Salt Baked Leg of Lamb with Olive Oil Potatoes

I’m a huge fan of Lamb, so this dish is my absolute favorite on this list! For this dish chef, Corey Lee sources lamb that predominantly feeds on salty grass from Northern California. He cooks the meat in a salt crust, then garnishes it with sea grapes and sea beans. To say this lamb is deliciously tasty and tender is an understatement.


9. Creamy Caesar Salad with Torn Croutons

This light dish is made by Spotted Pig co-owner and chef April Bloomfield. For it, she tosses little gem lettuce, large torn croutons, a healthy dose of parmesan cheese, and a special tangy and garlicky dressing that she’s been perfecting for years. The dish is so popular at her restaurant that one couple got up and left when they found out that she briefly removed the dish from the menu.


10. Ode to Zuni Roast Chicken with Fennel Panzanella

To find this dish you have to travel to the Zuni Cafe in San Francisco. Chef Suzanne Goin has outdone herself with this dish. For it she confits a whole chicken in duck fat and serves it with bread salad that spiked with olives and Fennel. Yummy, yummy, yummy.



Wow! Writing this list got my taste buds watering. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I think I’ll try to recreate a few of these recipes this weekend in my kitchen. I hope you do the same if you can’t find a way to visit the mentioned restaurants. Enjoy!