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» Links for Friday! from Sustainable Food Blog
Here are some interesting reads to keep you busy over the weekend. Back on Monday! Big news this month - the September 2007 Eat Local Challenge is about to start! ... [Read More]

» September 2007 Eat Local Challenge from Food Blogs
Kadota figs from Hamada Farm, San Francisco, August 2007 Eating locally, and teaching others about the [Read More]

» Eat Local Challenge: September 2007 from Rebuild from Depression Blog
I described in July my plan for participating in this year’s Eat Local Challenge. I planned to forage all of my own food here in the Sequoia National Forest. The exercise, air, and sunshine are just what the doctor ordered.... [Read More]

» Eating Locally in September from Music and Cats
Tomorrow is the first day of the 2007 Eat Local Challenge, and Im in. Or I will be, after we get home to Seattle Tuesday from a long weekend away. (Ill try to eat locally as much as I can this weekend, too, but Im not yet sure wha... [Read More]


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