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» Save the World and Save a Dime: Eat Locally from Wise Bread
Paul Michaels recent post on processed foods and Andrea Dicksons on the Manhattan family trying to live without impacting the environment got me thinking. One one hand, Pauls exposing us to some very real perils in the industry responsibl [Read More]

» Green Day Recyle Bin from small.town.fun.
Please remember that you dont have to try to get everything in on this day. Make April 22nd the jumping off date for a greener, less intrusive life. ... [Read More]

» Where Does Your Food Come From? from Perpetual Carouse
Everyone is obsessed with where their food comes from. We love to talk about it, read about it, think about it. People go to the farmers' market once a month for three heirloom tomatoes and pat themselves on the back... [Read More]

» Food Prices on the Rise from SUSTAINABLE TABLE BLOG
LA Times Food prices are rising faster in 2007 than they have in the last 15 years, after April saw a 3.9 % national increase in grocery prices. Although there are many factors in the rising prices, including inflation, drought, and unseasonable freez... [Read More]

» Food Challenges from Will's Thoughtstream
I already wrote about Rebecca Blood's Eating Organic on a Food Stamp Budget project. Via her site, I found a link to an interesting article in the Washington post about four U.S. representatives who are taking a food challenge: Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) s... [Read More]

» The Weekly Pick--Taking the Challenge from SUSTAINABLE TABLE BLOG
We've been so wrapped up in wrapping up our Eat Well Guided Tour of America that we just about missed all the local-eating challenges going on around the nation. Here's what we know: The folks at Eat Local Challenge are at it again with their third ann... [Read More]


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